Universal Document Converter

Universal Document Converter Version 6.7 Demo

Convert any printable document to graphics and hold to the exact appearance and contents of the original files, including graphics and fonts

Universal Document Converter enables you to convert a PDF file or image file such as JPEG, DCX, TIFF, PCX, PNG, GIF, or Bitmap to graphics. Using the printing function held up by these documents, you can easily access the tool. Once you hit the OK key, you can determine the name and output location of the new file. Your conversion will start right away. You can change some setting if you want, just hit Properties, and you can choose resolution, orientation, unit type, paper size, height, and width. The format of the output document can be selected like JPEG, PDF and other. You can allow this converter to produce a single-page document for each page, and attach all files to the existing document. Certain options can also be configured, such as options concerning detecting and cropping boarders, resize output image and text label or picture (watermarks). Besides that, location and file name that are determined ahead of time will allow the converter to open the document in the default viewer. You can also run a built-in application once the job is finished, or put the toolbar to Microsoft Word Office, with all setting saved.
Universal Document Converter provides a guide with a video presentation, and the application is highly recommended as it provides great results and it is easily used by any experience level individuals.
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